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Store Locator App is a service from CobbySoft Media Inc. We make software that minimizes the amount of boring work you have to do while pursuing your profession. We’re a small family-owned company which is stable and profitable, supporting thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of users.

Peter founded and runs Store Locator App. He is a software architect by trade, with 15+ years of experience designing reliable software used by Fortune and Global 500. If you are wondering whether Store Locator App will work for your organization, if you ever need help with Store Locator App, if you have a question about how to do something, or have an idea about something to add to the product, feel free to get in touch. He loves talking to customers. Drop him a line at support@Store Locator

Peter lives in Vancouver, Canada. He generally gets to customers’ emails within 24 hours.

Peter Yun, Founder

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